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Cool guys, good friends, great times!


Founded in 1960, when we were all young kids.

About Us

Welcome to the Connecticut Road Lancers Classic Car Club homepage!

Back in 1960, this group of young guys utilized their common interests in hot rods to found the Meriden Road Lancers. The club met regularly until 1965, with a peak of 25 members, when we disbanded temporarily due to guys going their separate ways for reasons like marriage & call of duty.

In 2000, the club was reunited as the Connecticut Road Lancers by 4 of the original members: Fred Esbaner, Sal Giacco, Felix Woronick, and Richard Bubello. Soon after, eight new additional members were added to the club. After the untimely passing of two of these new members, combined with the lack of club experience for the others, they found themselves four members smaller. The ten dependable members have since welcomed more into the club; membership is now at twelve total and growing (NEW MEMBERS WELCOME!). Now we're still going strong, and we look forward to the upcoming cruisin' seasons with all of you!

The Members

Fred Esbaner

Sal Giacco

Rick Bubello

Felix Woronick

Michael Bovino

 Merritt Barnes

 Dave Conant

Robert Mercaldi

Mike Olson

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